About Us

At Sara Zamir Aziz, our mission is to create beautiful clothes, while honouring and celebrating Pakistan's heritage by employing the existing arts, crafts and techniques found in traditional Pakistani fashion. 

Our creativity is fuelled by old world heritage and quality consciousness, which is reflected in the fine craftsmanship and the materials we use. We have designed a range of attire to cater to your needs, from casual pret wear to more elevated semi-formal and formal clothing.

Our styles have timeless appeal, so you can keep wearing your SZA pieces no matter what the current fashions are. We make limited quantities, therefore each style is as unique and as one-of-a-kind as possible.

Consider our formal and hand embroidered attire as heritage pieces, that can be lovingly handed down within families, from mothers to daughters and so on. We hope you love and enjoy wearing our outfits as much as we loved creating them for you!

Team SZA